Market Research

How can Ware Realty Group help your project?

The Ware Realty Group was founded by Sarah Ware, a former professional in the corporate world who in 2002 began to focus on a private portfolio of investment and development projects. Along the way, Sarah discovered her vision of excellence and commitment to serve the Chicago south side real estate community.

The Ware Realty Group offers market research & consulting as an add-on service to its real estate brokerage and commercial retail leasing work. We believe that behind every good real estate decision is solid information and analyses. Therefore, gathering and analyzing information is at the core of our business.

Our market research & consulting group utilizes trained information data analysts to gather relevant market data that is synthesized and transformed into knowledge-based repositories. This data is useful marketing intelligence information that will help you avoid development missteps, identify emerging markets, and help you identify projects that are poised for success through planning, collecting, and analyzing data that is relevant to your individual situation.

What We've Worked On