Whole30® – What have I gotten myself into?

Those that know me know that I am pretty disciplined when I put my mind to something but I have to admit, this is going to be a challenge because I love all things food. So some may wonder what is the Whole30®? As described in the words of one of the co founders, Melissa Hartwig Urban, it is described as follows: “the Whole30® is designed to change your life in 30 days. Think of it as a short-term nutrition reset, designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system”.

I started this past Sunday, July 14th and I am all in. This year I turn 50 in October and I have suffered from high blood pressure for a number of years and was looking to see if there is any hope of getting off medication. I am logging my progress (per their instructions) and listening to my body. Anyone who wants to join me or give any words of encouragement, please feel free.

My experience the first few days:

• Saturday – Grocery shopping at Whole Foods (spent $115.38); initial trip after cleaning out pantry and refrigerator
• Sunday (official Day 1) – meal prepped for the next 3 days; so far so good
• Monday still going strong
• Tuesday – I had a reception and they had Twix bars dipped in chocolate covered in sea salt (they looked amazing) with an open bar of a rooftop. I did not cave but the passed hors d’oeuvres looked amazing. Worked out lightly with a 40-minute aggressive walk on the treadmill and 15 minutes with kettlebells. Water is my drink of choice, so I had to go and get some more lemons from Aldi along with a couple of other items (spent another $13.74)
• Wednesday – Noticing that I am drinking a lot of water and I feel lighter (no scale per the rules). Going to Orange Theory this evening for my first high intensity workout as they want you to take it easy during the first week.

I will check in with my progress later as I am paying close attention to my blood pressure readings.

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Chicago Agent Magazine Cover – July 2019

Guess who made the cover for Chicago Agent Who’s Who Magazine for 2019…… yes me. Not known for my makeup game, this was a nice excuse to get a little fancy with clothes and makeup. As a result of the photo shoot (which lasted 15 minutes), I was asked to be on the cover (pleasant surprise). By no means am I starting a modeling career but this has given me a chance to celebrate with my colleagues.

Just in case you did not see the article, please click on the link below and if you would like to have a copy, I may have a few laying around the office. Just drop in or drop me a note and I will see to it that I will get a magazine over to you.

Chicago Agent Profile – Sarah Ware

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Fair Housing 50 Years Later…….

Although we are 50 years beyond the Fair Housing Act, discrimination still exists. “How can you pursue happiness if you can’t get housing.” #FannieMae #WareInTheWorld


Is Woodlawn the new Bronzeville?

So there have been a few articles as of late that talk about the rise of the Woodlawn housing market in Chicago. Is it the new next hot market for housing? Let’s take a look at these statistics for August 2017 and what picture this tells: Woodlawn_August 2017 Compared to this time last year, there are 61.1% more new listings, 83.3% closed sales but inventory is down -12.3%. Where are the Sellers and will this make them get off the fence. Will the Obama Library be the draw that finally bring home values back to market. Check out the DNA article here: http://bit.ly/WRG_Woodlawn. Continue to stay tuned.

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Golf Anyone? Meet me in South Shore

New Golf Course South Shore – Who would have thought this 10 years ago this would be news for the south side of Chicago. The first African American President is from the south side of Chicago along with his wife (from South Shore). As we now approach 2017, we are having conversations that we only thought we would see in other parts of Chicago. What does this mean for property values? What does this mean for current owners who were here long before the cameras?

As a resident of 10 years, I see the dynamics of my community changing rapidly although I sometimes grow impatient I still remaining hopeful. Click here (South Shore Values) to see the value in South Shore for all product types (single family homes, condos and townhomes).


Will the Obama Library change real estate values in Washington Park?

The Library is coming aren’t you excited! The Library is coming aren’t you excited? Depending on who you ask will depend on what your sentence ends with, an exclamation point or a question mark.  As excited as many people are, will this announcement bring to a struggling real estate market (both in Jackson Park and Washington Park) to becoming a vibrant community that will compete with bordering Hyde Park values. As a born and raised Chicagoan, I am happy this is coming but I don’t want the market to create a false sense of hope for investors, residents and skeptics. Check out the market data from Washington Park and see how the trends are moving; where are values really headed?  Only time will tell…..

Ware Realty Group, LLC Launches New Chicagoland Property Search

95,000 Listings Instantly Available for Viewing at warerealtygroup.com

Ware Realty Group, LLC is pleased to announce that we have added a powerful new property search on our website at warerealtygroup.com.  We can now provide our existing clients and prospective new customers with easy access to the most timely and accurate real estate information from the Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) multiple listing service (MLS).

In the new, sleek design, each property listing has enhanced property details, large photos, Google Maps, WalkScore®, and Social Media sharing.  The interactive Map Search widget allows excellent location-based searches based on the area. The site is enriched with featured listings and embedded in sidebar widgets. There are galleries for different neighborhoods, price ranges, and property types to maximize visibility.

We haven’t forgotten the mobile user – Ware’s Realty Group, LLC’s new search can also be accessed on any mobile devices – smart phones and tablets.  So wherever you are, at home or out and about, you can always search for properties that fit your needs.

Please check us out at warerealtygroup.com and experience our new property search.

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